“My daughter loves her singing lessons with Ms. Anne. Whereas her interest in other lessons come and go, she doesn’t want to stop these. She not only finds it loads of fun and loves the songs Anne chooses, she has also developed stronger confidence. Anne strikes the perfect balance between patience/acceptance and pushing her to do her best. As a result, she feels great about herself, is excelling, and finds a lot of joy in singing!”

“Ms. Anne has worked with my and so many other children through the Fremont Drama Program. With her help they have learned a great deal about pitch, projection, clarity and melody. She encourages even the most timid students to reach their full potential and confidentially take the stage. Her easy manner, knowledge, and superior techniques are a winning combination.”

“My son has gained great confidence in his ability to sing and speak publicly after singing with Ms. Anne. I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning how to sing confidently. Especially if your child is preparing for an audition or practicing for a part in a musical.”