lesson Why Music Matters:

Howard Gardner is a Professor of Cognition and Education, he has developed a well-known theory  (The Theory of Multi Intelligences) claiming that a child has multiple intelligences and learns most effectively if their preferred intelligence is being challenged.

One of the intelligences is called the Musical Intelligence.  Some children simply see the world through a “Musical Intelligence filter “ and Gardner claims, that if a child is strengthened in his or her preferred intelligence, they will progress in all other cognitive areas as well.

In other words: If your child is developing his or her musical skill by singing or playing an instrument, they are also improving their ability to read, write, and do math at the same time! How wonderful!

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It is my goal to develop every student’s voice to the best of their ability and to help each singer understand basic parts of music such as pitch, tone, rhythm and harmony.

Finally, I strive to instill confidence in each student through personal growth so that each individual will go on singing and further their love of music for many years to come.