A Lesson
A typical vocal lesson: (30 min.)

  • Warm up (5-7min.)
    -Stretching/posture, breathing, and scales
  • Practice a known song (prepared from last lesson) (10 min.)
    -Focus on details and difficult places
  • Learn a new song to take home for “home work” (10 min.)
    -Or continue working on known song depending on progress
  • Closure (3-5 min.)
    -Exhaling and pointers


I find it important to teach students about different musical influences and genres. Therefore, I will teach them everything from old folk and traditional songs to modern pop ballads. If students have specific songs they would like to learn, we listen to the number and adapt it to where it is realistic for the individual singer to give his or her own interpretation of the chosen song.

Overall Goal:

  • Getting to know your instrument (your voice’s abilities)
  • Recognizing tone and pitch (minor and major)
  • Understanding rhythm and breathing techniques (appreciation of musical patterns)
  • Learning to do simple harmony
  • Learning to improvise
  • Preparing to perform for an audience